Rocky Mountain Green – Coming Soon to Colorado Dispensaries!

Colorado’s Premier Cannabis Company is on Approach!

Coming soon – Rocky Mountain Green in Boulder was conceived with you, the cannabis consumers and enthusiasts of Colorado, in mind. We’re coming soon to Colorado dispensaries near you – look for our purple and green logo in 2017!Rocky Mountain Green Boulder

Our cutting-edge facilities are designed from the ground up – hygienic materials and energy-efficient layouts come standard – with the ability to be improved and modernized into the future. Organic inputs and pesticide-free growing methods form the foundation of our cultivation while our laboratory is outfitted with specialized equipment featuring pharmaceutical-grade surfaces.

We impose strict standards on ourselves in both our cultivation operation and our state-of-the-art laboratory that aren’t merely guidelines, but requirements for any product stamped with the RMG shield. Product uniformity is important to you, so it’s important to us!

Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or you simply enjoy cannabis recreationally, join us in the new year and demand RMG products at your favorite Colorado dispensary!


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